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According to the Department of Health and Human Services, physical activity is important for women of every age. It balances the coordination of your mind and body, reduces stress, boosts energy and controls the hormonal balance of girls. So, experts recommend practicing exercise regularly to girls.

You may have seen that from an early age, women start losing their hormonal balance. They also face a deficiency of calcium after the age of 40, which is the only reason that they face illnesses like arthritis and joint pain because of low bone density. So, health practitioners suggest practicing exercises from an early age.

Workouts for Women of Every Age

Exercise and sports are important for both boys and girls, but experts cannot suggest every type of exercises to women because complex workouts may harm them, as their hormonal functionality is different from men. So, certified trainers of Starmark Fitness Studio recommend some smart and easy exercised which will provide fast and dynamic results to women. Not only a good shape, but these workouts will help you gain stamina, strength, flexibility and glow in skin.

1.      Jogging & Running

You may think, running and jogging are simple physical activities, so you might not get fast result, but that is completely wrong. These are the natural activities that help in burning calories, building muscular endurance and making your cardiovascular capacity strong. Running or jogging in fresh air helps increase the capacity of your respiration system, so patients of asthma are suggested to run slowly in fresh air regularly.

Running is a form of aerobic exercise that helps in producing energy with the combination of fats and glucose present in your body with oxygen. Not only for women, these are the best workouts for men also.

2.      Yoga 

Yoga is a vast exercise that consists several asanas. It is a natural process to lose weight without side effects, so pregnant women are also recommended to practice yoga instead of other exercises. Yoga helps in reducing the hormonal problem of ladies, and some asanas help in reducing the pain or cramps during the time of menstruation.

Yoga also helps in creating a good posture, increasing cardiovascular capacity, reducing nerve problem and refreshing your mind. Health practitioners suggest doing yoga after giving birth to your child because it balances the coordination of body and mind. Moreover, it helps in toning the loose muscles of your body after pregnancy.

3.      Aerobics

If you want a full-body workout, then practicing Aerobics will help you strengthening and balancing your entire body. Usually, Aerobics work on your hands and legs to increase your heart rate. Practicing 30 minutes of aerobics can build your stamina, lose weight, and reduces the risk of stroke, cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes.

Sportswomen and athletes are also suggested to practice aerobics for boosting up energy and strengthening their body parts.

4.      Cycling

Cycling workout can be practiced by both men and women. This exercise is quite interesting for people of every age group. Cycling exerts a little pressure on your joints and it tones up your waistline, limbs, and muscles of your back. Moreover, Cycling helps in correcting your posture and stimulating strength of your bones.

5.      Swimming

Do you like to play with water? Swimming is the best workout if you like to enjoy the coolness of the water. This exercise helps you shape up the posture of your body, increase mobility of your neck, improve flexibility of your body, enhance your cardiovascular system, and tone up your arms, legs, and buttocks.

According to the Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation, swimming helps in enduring balance, growing physical strength and increasing blood lipids of middle-aged women. Swimming gives a faster result than other workouts.

6.      Sit-Ups or Crunches

Sit-Ups and Crunches help in strengthening the muscles of your stomach and boosting stamina. This workout works on your feet, knees, torso and bottom part of your body. Women have a high tendency of getting affected with arthritis; practicing crunches at a young age may strengthen your knee and joint, and prevent arthritis.

If you are getting prepared for any game, sports or race, then crunches can help in practicing you for any game and winning it.

7.      Push-Ups

Push-up is also known as press-up which targets the primary muscle group of your triceps and chest. This exercise also helps you in reducing the fat of your belly, leg and back muscles. Practicing push-up exercise help women in correcting their posture, and shaping up the bottom part of their body.

8.      Squats

Squats help in building the muscles of your entire body and burn extra fats. There are different types of squats such as air squat, pile squat, front squat and chair squat. You can practice squats by lifting dumbbells or with free weight.

9.      Jumping Rope

For kids, jumping rope is a game, but it is a good exercise if children want to increase height and reduce weight. Practicing this game-like workout helps you burn thousands of calories with 15 counts. This exercise increases the strength of your bones and joints. It is a very good workout for the lower portion of your body, especially for your legs and hips.

10.  Games or Sports

Gone are those days when people believed that men are better to participate in games or sports. Today, girls are excellent in playing different types of games sports. However, if you engage them in games or sports from childhood, then it will help in improving their mental and physical health. Moreover, playing games like basketball, football, hockey, tennis, and soccer helps in coordinating the mind and body. Games also make your body flexible and strong.

Nothing can stop women if they start workouts like men. You just need to avoid injuries and intense workouts if you are a novice fitness enthusiast. Practicing exercise will not only help you shape up your body, but it will also help you fighting with every health issue and proving yourself strong and powerful.